January 20. February 17. April 1. May 13. I could go on and on! He’s performing at neighbourhood pubs. At private concerts! Sometimes in a retirement home, sometimes in a school, sharing cultural activities and reading to the students! Ryu plays his intricate arrangements of popular songs at many other venues besides neighbourhood pubs and live music venues. If you’d like him to perform at your next event call manager Heather at 780-904-6575 or email hcmiller@shaw.ca and we’ll arrange it! It could be at your place of employment. Or a family event – 50th wedding anniversary or wedding. Back yard party. House Concert. Even a Name That Tune contest! You name it, his repertoire will have the songs to make for an enjoyable event.

But in the meantime, scroll down below for additional

dates and times of upcoming events.

Miller Crossing Farmers’ Market

The very popular Miller Crossing Farmers’ Market, located at 14339 50 Street, has now moved inside the Kingsway Legion for monthly occasions throughout the winter. Alongside the many local vendors who offer everything from produce to home-crafted goods to unique gifts, musicians add to the ambience of the market. Watch this space for dates. Lots of free parking and large number of vendors. See you there!

Here’s a favourite with a bluesy influence! Keep scrolling for more events below!

Look Out Sherwood Park – Oscar’s Pub on January 20, February 17, April 1, May 13, July 8, September 22, and November 4

Ryu has entertained the guests at Oscar’s before and he’s happy to return again to this friendly neighbourhood pub. Don’t miss this fun event, from 8:00 to 12:00 at the above dates throughout 2023. The menu is great, the free parking is convenient, the guests are happy, the music includes every song you’ve ever known, with magical musical accompaniments and arrangements. Located at 221 Chippewa Road in Sherwood Park. It’s a great way to end the work week. Don’t miss it!

Stanhope Eatery and Bar

After several amazing evenings of entertainment at Stanhope Eatery and Bar recently, located at 4208 Calgary Trail, and one of the finest dining venues around Edmonton and a great location for non-stop entertainment, including live music, Ryu will perform over the dinner hour, from 6:00 to 9:00, while you enjoy something off Stanhope’s scrumptious menu. Watch here for upcoming dates. He sets the perfect mood for you to enjoy dining with your friends and family with classic easy rock favourites that everyone will know. Lots of free parking, a friendly efficient staff, and a European ambience like no other.

Duke of Argyll Pub

The Duke of Argyll Pub is located at 7230 Argyll Road where there’s lots of free parking. The pub has great food and drink specials and best of all is one of the best live music venues in or around Edmonton. Ryu took the stage recently with his vast repertoire of blues-inspired classic rock songs. But don’t worry, he throws in a bit of pop, country, and rock and roll too! And you’ll know them all. Join him on Friday November 3 at 7:30 for his next appearance at this friendly neighbourhood pub.

A Much-Requested Song for Fall

You’ll hear this beautiful jazz-inspired song at most events Ryu performs at this time of year.

Miller Crossing Farmers Market

This friendly Sunday market is located inside the Kingsway Legion at 14339 50 Street, having moved indoors from the parking lot once summer ended. Ryu will entertain you again, from 12:00 to 3:00 in upcoming months and through the summer. Watch here for dates. Don’t miss it! The vendors go all out at this time of year and selection is marvelous. Add to that the seasonal songs that Ryu will play for you along with the contemporary favourites that his fans ask for all the time – Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven, and Tears in Heaven, to suggest just a few – and you’ll have a great time at the Miller Market.

Japanese Culture in the Schools and in the Community

May is Asian Heritage Month. And Alberta Culture Days are in September-October every year. Ryu was excited about being invited into Edmonton-area schools to share his culture with the students throughout this month. A little bit of history, some significant contributions to society, how to write their name in Japanese characters, some basic Japanese language phrases, and musical demonstrations of folk songs are just some of the activities the students enjoyed. If you’d like a similar event in your school, organization or company, let us know by contacting hcmiller@shaw.ca or calling 780-904-6575. Call now to reserve! He also performs an informative and fun concert at long-term care homes where he takes his guests on a journey around the world – bossa nova, classical and of course his native Japan as well, to name just a few.

A story about a lumberman and his wife living in the forest.
Sakura – the beautiful spring phenomenon of cherry blossoms adorning Japan.


House Concert or Block Party

With COVID-19 restrictions almost gone, and most of us vaccinated, you can safely host a house concert. or a back yard party! Inviting 10-12 friends, neighbours, or family members to a celebration – or whatever your accommodations will hold – and having your very own musician play for you and your guests will provide a unique way to make the occasion special. Ryu loves to play in these settings. These events are really big in Europe and are catching on in North America now too. If you want more information about how to plan one for your next event, call us at 780-904-6575 or email hcmiller@shaw.ca and we’ll help you organize the event. And the costs are very reasonable – you’ll be surprised! (Ryu himself has been totally vaccinated)!

The very beautiful Wonderful Tonight.

Ryu also has an exciting and meaningful repertoire of love songs that will add to your special wedding day or anniversary party or Grandma or Grandpa’s milestone birthday or anniversary. Or a corporate party. The opening of new venue. This versatile local artist can provide an evening of cultural experiences too, with a few Japanese traditional songs, and a trip around the world exploring where various genres of music originated.

Singing and playing for guests at a house concert.

Name That Tune

Ryu is an exceptional performer, but he’s also an experienced Open Stage Host. And that’s not all! He pleases the crowd with Name That Tune activities too in lounges and pubs in the Edmonton area. There’s one coming up in July – watch this space for more details. Support local businesses and have fun with friends at the same time. More information soon!

Ryu’s Ibanez is the perfect instrument for the songs of the 1940s and 50s at seniors’ residences.

Performances at Extended Care Centres

Ryu performs at long term care homes and seniors residences. Giving back to the seniors is something that Ryu feels is important. This year, 2022, he is already booked for several appearances at numerous facilities around the Edmonton area, from Vegreville to Spruce Grove and numerous locations in between. The soft mellow tones of his Ibanez guitar lends itself nicely to the tunes that our seniors grew up listening to and he has classical favourites added in. Call us at 780-904-6575 to book some time-honoured selections in concert for your loved ones. Watch this space for more events.

Celebrate Japanese Culture

Although Ryu was born in Japan, he has been in Canada for over 20 years. He is often asked to perform a traditional Japanese melody and he is happy to oblige. He also teaches Japanese so if you planning to travel to the industrious and beautiful country of Japan, give us a call to set up a few lessons so you have a basic vocabulary before you go! You'll be glad you did.  
Ryu appreciates the many live music venues in the Edmonton area and wants to help with recovery from the recent Covid restrictions. Got a venue opening or special occasion coming up? Ryu would be happy to help out by sharing his wide repertoire with you and your guests. He is also an experienced open stage host. Call manager Heather Miller at 780-904-6575 or hcmiller@shaw.ca for more information. Let us make your special occasion the best that it can be.